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Tools to shed light on hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

Educational content from HS experts

Those living with hidradenitis suppurativa often have questions about their condition. These resources are here to help patients, their loved ones, and your own practice through education, compassion, and awareness.

KOL Video 1

Understanding HS

KOL Video 2

Identifying and Diagnosing HS

KOL Video 3

Managing and Treating HS

KOL Video 4

Support and Resources for HS

KOL Video 5: Addressing Health Equity in HS

Addressing Health Equity in HS

KOL Video 6: Delivering an HS Diagnosis

Delivering the Diagnosis

KOL Video 7: Clinical Understanding and Advancements

Understanding and Advancements

Coming Soon ACT on HS


Coming Soon EXPLORE HS


HS PODCAST 1: Diagnostic Delays in HS

Discussions in HS: Diagnostic Delays in HS

HS PODCAST 2: The Need for Earlier HS Diagnosis and Treatment

Discussions in HS: The Need for Earlier HS Diagnosis and Treatment

HS PODCAST 3: HS Treatment Landscape

Discussions in HS: HS Treatment Landscape

HS PODCAST 4: Considerations for Biologic Therapy in HS

Discussions in HS: Considerations for Biologic Therapy in HS

HS PODCAST 5: Multidisciplinary Considerations in HS Care

Discussions in HS: Multidisciplinary Considerations in HS Care

The Mechanism of Disease

The Mechanism of Disease

The healthcare providers featured in these videos and podcasts were compensated for their time. These videos and podcasts represent their opinions and do not represent the opinions of Novartis.

Downloadable resources

Logo of Shine a light on HS


A website specifically for patients

Shine a Light on HS is an educational website designed specifically for patients with HS in mind. This site contains information and resources for patients to learn more about their condition.


Visit Patient Site

National organizations for patient support

The following organizations offer an array of support for those affected by HS. Whether you're diagnosing or referring, you can help patients connect with the care they may need.

HS Connect Logo


HS Connect


HS Connect is a patient-led nonprofit organization committed to connecting the hidradenitis suppurativa community, including patients, family, and clinicians, with resources, support, and solutions. Visit website

HS Foundation logo


HS Foundation


See how healthcare professionals like you can have meaningful and personalized conversations with their patients. Visit website

American Academy of Dermatology logo




The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) may provide helpful information for patients living with HS and their loved ones. Visit website

Hope for HS logo


Hope for HS


Hope for HS is a 100% volunteer, grass-roots, patient- and caregiver-directed non-profit organization, supporting and advocating for patients with HS. Visit website

The organizations and websites listed above are independently operated and not managed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Novartis assumes no responsibility, nor makes any endorsement, regarding information they may provide.

Make a referral and find an HS-treating dermatology provider using the care locator

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